This one is for our beneficiaries, our startups and entrepreneurs,

This is for our partners, NGOs ~ Government ~ Corporates and Donors,

This one is for all our stakeholder, from supporters to dreamers,

Energizing ecosystem is the focus, this is our third year,

Empowerment of startups we engage, to make their visions clear,

Startup ventures we invest, whose founders take risk and knows no fear,

We move forward our hub is hybrid, services we offer accelerator and incubator,

And consultancy services via CIS, to support NGOs and Corporates future.

Startups are dying on early stage, looking for top level incubation,

Have been receiving supports that don’t last, so we gave them Idea Marathon,

And Fintech Incubator for our Mwanza beneficiaries, we didn`t abandon,

We are not perfect we face challenges, especially when COVID got here,

Devastation hit the ecosystem, looking for solution here and there,

We couldn`t quit We couldn`t give up We couldn`t run in fear,

To comply with the reality ~ we went digital, that was the only clear picture,

With the desire to continue do good, we designed project Innovation for future.

Freelancers cries from the wilderness, shacked our nation`s ground,

As a community empowerment platform, we mobilized them for growth bond,

But our dominion was very narrow, this program received from fast track tech,

There was a window to extend our hand, to push milestone and further stretch,

With freelancers need for a community, we approached UN-ITC with elevator pitch,

Digital Marketing training and SME connection, was the focal point of Digify tech,

Started as desire to bridge existing gap, now its reality based on our reach,

With the presence of Gigs Africa platform, we are connecting freelancer-SME with no glitch.

Leveling grounds on gender issues in ecosystem, we designed girls techspire,

To equip girls with ICT skills, we are empowering them to rise higher,

Give them internship from our startups, to put their skills to action and be clearer,

Indeed, we`ve come far in a short period, from when we registered Ignite Africa,

New partners’ New milestone, what a venture building company we are,

For post revenue startups, we launched investment market place Ennovate Venture,

Technological innovation Village ~ Sand Box ~, we are looking to launch in a near future,

Thank you for your support ~ your love, helping us hold our firm together.

~ Joseph Mwanyika

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