Our Startups

Ennovate Hub is inspired to be one of the major contributors to Africa’s startup ecosystem by leveraging on innovation solutions and collaborations to empower entrepreneurs from ideation to revenue stage. We pride as an incubation hub that provides one-one support to all our entrepreneurs and see them through building an impactful and scalable venture.
Through our incubation and market readiness programs, we are able to nurture our startups to become competitive and relevant within their sector, focus on solving problems with their product and creating job opportunities.

Haraka Food

Haraka Food is using innovative delivery technology to connect restaurants to food lovers and manages the delivery within the shorted timeline. The technology behind haraka food allows customers to manage their delivery cost, access special discount, monitor the delivery man through map location tracker. They are the next big name in the region that will set pace in the industry by using innovative solution to reduce excess food waste and increase food security through their platform.

The Perfect Gift

This startup is unlocking the market for buying and delivering different kinds of gift item to friends, family and corporate. They are incorporation mystery shopping on their platform and that makes it possible to surprise your loved ones by engaging in mystery shopping for them from the comfort of your home or office and it gets delivered to them based on your delivery preference.,You can choose from varieties of already made gift designs or you can upload you mockup and it will delivered just as you wish.


IOT Lab is focusing on using technology to solve most problems faced by families. Internet of Things Lab is providing affordable and portable app that helps families safe energy by controlling all energy switches at homes or offices, track the movement and health condition of their kids while they leave for school, Parents are able to know if their kids are in school or not, their body temperature, heart rate and can quickly connect to an emergency unit if need be. They are building a solution to connect the whole family in one click.

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