Our Portfolio Startups

Ennovate Hub is inspired to be one of the major contributors to Africa’s startup ecosystem by leveraging on innovation solutions and collaborations to empower entrepreneurs from ideation to revenue stage. We pride as an incubation hub that provides one-one support to all our entrepreneurs and see them through building an impactful and scalable venture.
Through our incubation and market readiness programs, we are able to nurture our startups to become competitive and relevant within their sector, focus on solving problems with their product and creating job opportunities.

Farm Boksi

Farm Boksi is a B2B e-commerce company that aggregates, adds value to farm products, and manages cross-border supply chain processes to reach the buyer in best shelf quality. Our solution is designed to empower farmers by reducing post-harvesting losses, increase their income through global market linkages and use our e-commerce technology to make food affordable and accessible across the world. We can conveniently order farm products and we facilitate the supply process, from aggregation, value addition, and shipping to the buyer’s destination.

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Gigs Africa

Gigs Africa is a platform that is pioneering the gig economy across Africa. As a pioneer in this new and vibrant sector of the economy, we are seeking to facilitate alternative employment for young people and as well provide skilled talents to job ownersWe hope to be able to drive higher impact through remote job creation, solving business/work challenges for job owners, facilitating real time payments for gig jobs and promoting a youth-driven economy across the continent.

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Lyfplus is the digital clinic that allows you to access medical services whenever and wherever you are. All you have to do is consult a doctor online, book appointments, and receive prescriptions for your medical condition. Our mission is to facilitate convenient, safe, and reliable medical services using technology in Africa. Consult the type of doctor you want from our mobile application. Talk to a doctor at your convenience by getting medical services at your fingertips.

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Desire is a food tech company that is paying people to eat. Our mission is to make food available and accessible to everyone with their own budget. There is a meal for everyone at Desire and we stand to revolutionize quality on budget to give food lovers a luxury taste for less



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Sasa Go

Sasa Go is a Logistics & Supply Chain platform that is an on demand logistic partner and delivery platform where you can move anything from point A to B just with the tap.





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Lunch Box

Lunch Box is a food tech platform that provides discounted meal services to college students through its network of aggregated restaurants and fast food. Lunch Box enables students to unlock and access quality meals throughout the semester through its prepaid meal subscription package.

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