SME Clinic


The SME Clinic is Ennovate Hub’s business foundation training workshop for Tanzania’s SMEs. As we are on a mission to enable SMEs to grow exponentially through proven digital and conventional strategies, the SME clinic is positioned to offer valuable business growth training to enhance SMEs’ productivity and profitability. If you want to learn how to reach more customers, grow, and manage your business online, SME Clinic is for you.

Our first SME Clinic will be on 4th December, 2021.


Why SME Clinic

  • Learn how to launch, grow, and market your business online and offline.
  • Learn from successful entrepreneurs and sector experts on how to create suitable business strategies to help you remain competitive in the market.
  • Connect with the largest community of entrepreneurs and corporates for potential business partnerships.
  • Get the opportunity to access post-event business advisory and consultancy services from Ennovate Hub and the Ignite Africa team.
  • You will be provided with proven business tools and templates that will help you scale up your business and become profitable. 

How to grow your business

How do you get your business to grow? Do you understand the service or goods that you are offering? Do you understand the market?

Business is not only about what problem you have to solve, it also has to provide exceptional services at reasonable market prices.

To increase the possibilities that you simply get the results you’re hoping for, find your niche and check out to make a business that you’re absolutely hooked on. By doing so, you’ll be solving a really pressing need. Your enthusiasm and passion for your business will permeate through all that you do, and your team will feed off of that energy.

During the SME Clinic you will learn all the nitty gritty that you may need to know in growing your business.

    Boosting Sales Through Marketing & Branding

    One of the most important aspects of running a successful business has always been marketing. Your company’s customer conversions will be low if it does not have an effective marketing and branding strategy. The key to increasing sales is to develop a customer-centric marketing strategy and align your brand promise with your customers’ needs.

    During the SME Clinic, the trainer will share various proven marketing strategies for SMEs as well as a step-by-step approach to implementing the strategies in your business.

      How to get a right team

      Building a successful team is about more than just finding a bunch of individuals with professional skills. Their insights can facilitate the laying of the groundwork for a highly productive team that may communicate, cooperate, and innovate in an environment of mutual trust and respect. Make sure to create a team that’s responsible. Mind you, a team is stronger when everybody works on their individual roles.

      But managing a team isn’t that easy. Leaders must play a much more hands-on role to make sure the group works well together and remains focused on the correct priorities.

      How does one identify the go-to team? How do you make them understand your goals and vision?

      Register for the SME Clinic to find out!


      Our speakers are successful entrepreneurs and sector experts on how to create suitable business strategies to help you remain competitive in the market.


      Gillsant Mlaseko


      Since 2017, Gillsant has managed to empower 4500+ youth directly and indirectly in Tanzania with digital skills, which has enabled them to be employed or start a business.

      Gillsant has 118,000 followers on Twitter and is using the platform to educate youth on digital skills as well as share all available online opportunities for youth. In 2020, he won the Consumer Choice Award in the digital company category.

      Gillsant Mlaseko holds a degree in Business Management. He has more than 8 years of experience in online marketing and holds certifications from YouTube, Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

      In 2012, he founded Swahili Digital. The company deals with 3 major pillars: digital marketing, business solutions, and training. To date, he has participated in developing and growing several businesses and start-ups in Tanzania.

      Currently, he is working on online and offline digital courses that will empower 100,000 young people by 2023.

      Elisha Simon


      Elisha is a modern-day serial entrepreneur. He was recently named among the Top 10 Startup CEOs of the year for one of their products.

      Leveraging technology and creative marketing, Hisia Media is a tech company that builds platforms, solutions, and brands that people love. Moreover, it also comprises successful in-house ventures including Neiked! (a 360 digital marketing firm), Muda (a B2B lead generation firm) and Distro (Tanzania’s leading online drinks delivery platform).

      He is a self-motivated and determined business leader with consulting, business development, project management, marketing, and communications experience. Elisha leads a unique creative team who are proud to have partner clients from a broad range of industries such as; Banking, Construction, Mobile Manufacturing, Agribusiness, NGO’s, FMCG, Tax, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Media, Mental Health, and Global Federations such as Action Aid.

      With a background in International Business and Psychology, Elisha’s true passion is teaching and sharing his skills and expertise in the art of entrepreneurship in the digital economy.


      Registration & Pricing  

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