Girls Techspire

About Girls Techspire

  • For some years now Ennovate Hub has been helping youth with developing their idea into proof of concept that helps in both self employment and personal economic growth.
  • Even though this has been growing well and with better results, for most of Girls there are some skills that are missing including the Information technology skills that is one of the key component of our start-ups since our focus is more on the Tech start-ups.
  • This is why we decided as a hub to invest in training the future generation about the IT skills that will help them implement their Ideas as they join our Idea Marathon programs as well as implementing their Ideas as well as for the employment readiness.
  • We are focusing more on students from Secondary and high school since they are still on the low level of education and they can learn fast and opt for similar career, Moreover we are giving chances to girls that are either on university or graduates and have interest in IT so that we could help solve with unemployment situation as well as creating ideas that would help them on self employment.

How it works


We are Recruiting Girls from schools who are interested in learning about IT skills


Through our mentors and IT teachers network we are providing monthly trainings that are done twice a week  to equip our students with needed skills on IT.

Internship Programs

Through our startups network as well as partners, we are providing these Girls with opportunity to practice what they have learned and develop different skills through practical experience and mentorship.

Girls Techspire Network

All Girls that join the program are then joining our network so that they can help with mentoring and teaching other girls so that we can grow the network of girls with IT skills from different levels.