Girls Techspire

About Girls TechSpire

Girls Techspire project is aiming to Equip, train and help underserved young girls in Secondary schools to gain ICT and digital skills that will help them build successful career in this digital generation, either through working with different experts by supporting companies to advance their business or through tech entrepreneurship (for those that will venture into their own businesses).


Study shows that boys are five times more likely than girls to use home computers and parents spend twice as much on ICT products for their sons as they do for their daughters. Technology in its various forms, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), continues to redefine and revolutionize the way we all live and work. Harnessing this technology to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment is not only vital for women and girls, but critical throughout the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development It is important for women and girls to be included in ICTs because:

  • ICTs help to bridge the skills gap by extending the reach of education and literacy to a population that was previously excluded due to a lack of infrastructure.
  • It allows women to adjust to the changes in industries or retrain to take up positions in other sectors.
  • ICT bridges the skills gap, we need to understand and teach the skills that women and girls of all social classes need to take full advantage of ongoing technological advances.

How it works


As part of our fundraising effort to empower the girl child through ICT, we have launched a fundraising marathon. The theme of our marathon is ”RUN FOR A GIRL IN TECH”. This is to enable us in raising TZS 350,000,000 that will be used in the implementation of the program. We are looking forward to impacting 10 schools in the Nyamagana region targeting over 100 female students.

The funding will be channeled into:

  1. Buying and installing 100 computers in 10 centers in Nyamagana district. 
  2. Supervision Trainings
  3. Internet Installment Into The Training Centers.
  4. Transportation For Students.
  5. Development Of A Digital Training Platform.


We are Recruiting Girls from schools who are interested in learning about IT skills


Through our mentors and IT teachers network we are providing monthly trainings that are done twice a week  to equip our students with needed skills on IT.

Internship Programs

Through our startups network as well as partners, we are providing these Girls with opportunity to practice what they have learned and develop different skills through practical experience and mentorship.

Girls Techspire Network

All Girls that join the program are then joining our network so that they can help with mentoring and teaching other girls so that we can grow the network of girls with IT skills from different levels.