Corporate Innovation Solution.

What is CIS?

Corporate Innovation Solutions Consultancy Services is designed with collaborative tools, and frameworks of human-centred design thinking methodology that will help you adopt market/ user-driven innovative approach in solving your current business and organizational challenges, whatever industry or economic sector you are in.

Through our Corporate Innovation Solutions, we are helping both profit and non-profit organizations become more sustainable, build capacities of their teams, design desirable products/projects and achieve sustainable growth.

To ensure that we provide tailor-made solutions to clients, we have categorized our innovation consulting into different organizational performance systems.





ongoing cis sessions

Corporate Innovation Bootcamp – Atsoko

We worked with the Atsoko management team to explore customer-centric business models that support sustainable growth, with focus on improving customer experience, amplifying sales and aligning inventory to market demands by implementing customer empathy mapping and analysing their persona.

Atosko management conducted key activities in designing and implementing CIS, it helped them in directing towards amplifying Atsoko’s sales numbers and also building capacity of the management in adopting business development strategies while executing their daily tasks.


Beem Reseller Program.

We have been working with Beem Africa in amplifying their sales by recruiting beem resellers, training and coaching them on how they can buy and sell the bulk sms.

Currently under our CIS program, we desinged a training module for resellers. We have been able to train them on technical training, branding and business etiquette, sales and lead generation.




Beem Reseller Training

Sustainability Consulting Solution

We are helping NGOs identify, design and implement sustainable models to achieve a more impact-centric and viable programs, through our collaborative innovation consulting solution.


Creative Design Sprint with Bruno

CDS is an interesting session where one can learn content creation, visual storytelling, graphics designing, marketing messages and so much more in order to grow their enterprise that will drive high conversion for the business individually or as an organizations.